Skull Hats

You know what they say about body heat: We lose most of it through our scalps. Luckily, a simple skull hat is a great way to keep your baby warm and cozy. These hats also provide protection for your baby's sensitive scalp from too much direct sun.
Skull Hats Mitts Booties


Even though baby fingernails are tiny, they can still be sharp. Mitts keep baby's hands covered and protect delicate skin from getting scratched. They are shaped like bags with rib knit at the wrist, making them easy to get on and off little hands.


Until she's standing, your baby doesn't need shoes, but booties are a must to keep little feet warm and cozy. Choose easy slip-on booties that are non-binding and fit comfortably, and be sure that they aren't too tight or leave marks on the skin.

The breakdown: What you want to consider and features to look for

  • Fit- It's important that mitts and booties are not too tight, so they don't leave marks or cut off circulation (look for ones with rib knit binding, rather than elastic); or so loose that they fall off. Skull hats should fit over the ears to keep them cozy as well. This is the size chart we use, to help you find the perfect fit.
Size Weight (pounds) Length (inches)
0-3 mos. 8.5 - 12 20 - 23.5
3-6 mos. 12.5 - 16 24 - 25.5
6-9 mos. 16.5 - 19.5 26 - 27.5

  • Ingredients- Clothing made with conventional cotton often contain artificial fibers, dyes, and chemicals that are harmful for a baby's sensitive skin and development. Be sure to choose items made with organic cotton and materials, the healthiest option for your baby and the environment.

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