Basic pants can be mixed and matched with babybodies and t-shirts, and come either footed or non-footed, with an elastic or rolled waist.
  Footed pants are great for keeping baby's feet warm, especially if they're a kicker and socks don't stand a chance.   Also known as yoga style pants, rolled waist pants are comfy, roomy, and designed to grow with your baby. Pair them with socks or booties to keep baby's feet cozy.  

The breakdown: What you want to consider and features to look for
  • Waist- A rolled or non-binding waistband is soft on the tummy and perfect for quickly growing infants. An elastic waistband is designed to help keep pants on active babies- just be sure that it's not too tight, and that it doesn't leave marks on baby's skin.

  • Design- Clothes will fit differently with cloth diapers than with disposable ones, because cloth diapers are much thicker. If your baby is cloth diapered, be sure that there is enough room in the pant to accommodate. At Under the Nile all of our pants are fitted with enough room for both disposable and cloth diapers.

  • Ingredients- Clothing made with conventional cotton often contain artificial fibers, dyes, and chemicals that are harmful for a baby's sensitive skin and development. Be sure to choose pants made with organic cotton and materials, the healthiest option for your baby and the environment.

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