Easy and versatile, babybodies are the ultimate newborn threads. Newborns spend most of their days sleeping, so think COMFORT and CONVENIENCE.
Here are a few of your basic types:
Long-Sleeve Side Snap Babybody Short-Sleeve Side Snap Babybody Summer Babybody

Their uses:

The possibilities are endless-babybodies can stand alone, or be used for layering under other clothing for warmth all year round.
Most moms bring home their little ones from the hospital in long-sleeves, to protect their brand new little bodies from the elements.

These are also great because they can be mixed and matched with different pants and outerwear, like so:

The breakdown: What you want to consider and features to look for

  • Practicality - Babybodies that snap down the front are the most practical, as these allow you to change your baby's clothes easily without pulling things over her head. Make sure whatever you buy opens easily at the bottom for diaper changes.

  • Comfort - Nothing's worse than putting harsh or scratchy materials on a baby's skin. Look for a babybody that's soft and doesn't fit too tightly around the arms or legs.

  • Ingredients - Clothing made with conventional cotton often contain artificial fibers, dyes, and chemicals that are harmful for a baby's sensitive skin and development. Be sure to choose a babybody made with organic cotton and materials, the healthiest option for your baby and the environment.

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